AVA wins “Capital Market Innovation Awards 2018,” vowing to continue developing innovations and empowering investment.

AVA Advisory’s executives were proud that their CRM system for Better Communication, a system which helps cut costs and increase efficiency in securities businesses by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies, won Capital Market Innovation Awards 2018. The executives and investors in the capital market have recognized the capability of the CRM’s AI and robotic technologies believed to greatly benefit Thailand’s capital market, while AVA is determined to continue developing innovations. 

Mr. NiranPravithana, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of AVA Advisory, an investment Robo-advisor with Artificial Intelligence technology, disclosed that the company was extremely pleased that CRM system for Better Communication won the first prize of Capital Market Innovation Awards 2018”organized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. He added that the award, which was announced on October 9, reflected that the CRM platform developed by AVA was potentially beneficial to the capital market at large.

“The CRM platform that is developed by AVA brings together AI and robotic technologies to help analyze the market and recommend tailor-made strategies for different groups of investors. This platform will help reduce expenses and increase efficiency in securities businesses to service investors in due time following daily changes in the stock exchange. It also helps provide investors with more opportunities to generate return despite the current volatile market.” 

The CRM system for Better Communication is a platform using AI and robotic technologies to study and analyze investors’ behavior to differentiate them according to their individual investing style. Then, the system analyzes the market, seeking contracts and recommendations. After that, it will communicate the analyzed market information to each group of investors through Push Notification, allowing them to gain specific information they can use to make a decision. This system is increasingly popular around the world. The investor who is serviced by this platform, they can search and receive stock/trading information easily on the other hand securities company and financial institution also adopt this implementation to present to investors. Nevertheless this innovation achieves and satisfies every parties in Thai stock industry.

“AI and robotic technologies were widely developed as investors’ assistants around the world, including in investment consulting firms, copy trading platforms, automated trading systems, etc. More and more startups and companies in Thailand’s financial service sector have also started to develop or apply AI and robotic technologies in their services. Investors themselves have increasingly utilized technologies to facilitate their investment, due to the ease of use. They also would like to explore more opportunities to seek a return on investment. This is a positive sign for Thailand’s future capital market.”

Mr. Niransaid that the company would never stop developing innovations for investment, adding that it was developing what it called Avalant, a system which utilizes Machine Learning. He explained that the system was controlled by voice command and interacting through messaging platforms such as Line or Facebook Messenger. He further explained that the system could respond according to users’ input. Mr. Niran concluded that the program was now under the development process and would be available for investors soon.

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