Mike Marko Publishes Post on Setting up a Facebook Business Page

Jul 2, 2019

July 03, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services announced the publication of a new post for business owners. He says that this article focuses on effective ways of introducing businesses to the online world. Marko states that everyone who envisions himself to be successful in online business must think big. That means taking advantage of all probabilities to promote one’s business on the Web. Hence, setting up a Facebook business page can be a good decision to make, aside from promoting through other platforms on social media.

Marko asserts that being present on Facebook can definitely help get leads and traffic. At the same time, it can build a long-term audience too. He reminds readers that a huge number of people, about 829 million active users, spend their time scrolling through news feeds. That makes being on Facebook a big advantage for business owners. By using Facebook for business, online marketers can catch people’s attention so that these people can turn into customers. Having said that, Marko presents a simple guide to setting up a business page on Facebook.

He commences by stating several of Facebook’s most useful features. These features include Analytics, Post scheduling, and Advertising. These features can aid a business owner in improving his business’s online presence. In order to use them, however, the business should have a page on the platform first.

Marko gives a quick guide to setting up a business page on Facebook. But before anyone can set up a Facebook company page, there should be a Facebook account first. He makes it clear to readers that through the personal account, marketers can run their own page’s as administrators.

“Once the personal account has been created, that’s the time to create the business page that will promote business on Facebook,” Marko explains. He guides readers on how to create the said business page step by step. He says to start by clicking the “Create Page” option that’s located on the left side of the screen. The next step is to choose a page category from among the many available options. These options include the place of business; the institution or company; the product or brand; whether it’s a public figure, artist, or band; and community/cause.

After choosing a page category, Marko mentions that the next step is entering the business information, then setting up the business page. He urges readers who are setting up the business page to fill out all possible fields and details. According to him, that is an effective way to increase credibility and online presence. Moreover, when they see complete information on the page, potential clients may see businesses as reliable and trustworthy.

Thus, Marko advises completing a profile by entering as much information as possible about the business. A few examples of information that can be added are the business description in less than 155 words, three categories that represent the business, and a clickable link that directs visitors to the business’s official website.

The next step for setting up a Facebook business page is uploading a profile picture. Marko urges readers to make sure that the profile picture represents the company and the benefits it offers. He goes on to say that the profile picture serves as the main icon of the page. Hence, it must be of excellent quality. In addition, most people check the picture before they go over the business’s details. That means the profile picture can even help in building relationships with clients.

Aside from that, Marko goes on to say that the next step for setting up a Facebook business page is determining the target audience. This answers their question of who their customers will be and where they will come from. In addition, Marko mentions that this platform allows business owners to target people who will see the page.

Marko notes that with today’s modern technology, one of the best places to go for business marketing is social media. He says that Facebook may soon be the marketing tool of choice for successful online businesses since its population of active users is now almost a billion. He further informs readers that Facebook gives businesses a boost in this competitive market.

In addition to Marko’s marketing services on social media through IM Consultant Services, he also regularly publishes guidelines online to help business owners. His previous posts include setting up a Facebook business page, advertising on Instagram and using YouTube to benefit small businesses. Those people who are interested can follow Marko to his website to read this article and other posts that he has published.

He mentions that anyone who is looking for high-quality and experienced SEO and other related services can contact him and IM Consultant Services for a one-on-one consultation. Marko and his team offer broad and extensive marketing services. They also provide face-to-face consultations to offer a personalized approach to clients seeking business growth. Those who are interested to learn more about these services can visit IM Consultant Services on their official website or contact them directly by phone or by email.


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